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If you are a small business looking for a way to get your company listed in the search engines, consider Googling local business solutions. Google has recently expanded its search options to list 10 businesses to help people find local companies matching their search.

People now use search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN to find local businesses more than the Yellow Pages. In 2008, the internet surpassed the print yellow pages for the first time. Because of this, search engines are trying to improve local search options for users. Now, when a user types in a city before a keyword term, they are likely to find a listing of 10 companies at or near the top of the search engine results.

This can be specific types of business - for instance "Los Angeles Florist" or more general information type terms such as "Riverside Child Custody." There are 10 businesses listed. If there are more businesses that meet the qualification, there will be a "more results" tab. This will lead to a listing of all of the companies that have registered with Google.

To increase your chances of getting in the "10 pack" that appears on the primary search engine:

• Fill out the Google local listing as completely as possible
• Make sure you have a website to direct people to
• List an address close to the city center
• Place your information in free directories and online yellow pages
• Register for review sites
• Upload photos to your profile

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This article discusses twitter marketing to teach you being a successful marketer using twitter or any other social marketing site, you need to forget about what it is your selling, and be a real a person. Socialize, have fun and interact with others. In the end you gain all the traffic you want to your website not because of what you tried to "pitch" but because of who you are. Read these tips on how to market and advertise on Twitter.


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With so many people losing their jobs in the past eighteen months due to the poor economy, Americans are looking into to working for themselves at home and starting a variety of different businesses. Depending on the kind of business you are trying to get started, there are several different types of equipment you will need to begin.

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