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1) Forum marketing

Find high traffic forums related to your niche market. Make frequent quality contributions. It is very important not too spam the forums as you will lose all credibility. Include a signature with your unique selling proposition and a link to your web site. You will receive highly targeted traffic from people who click on your link.

2) Article marketing

This is my favourite form of marketing as the leads generated convert up to ten times better than leads from other sources. Write articles consistently and submit them to all the major article directories. You will benefit from free search engine traffic for your articles and they will become viral as other web publishers publish them.

3) Start a blog

This is a very overlooked method of traffic generation. Start a blog and post to it regularly. You can also submit your high quality posts to blog carnivals and web 2 social networking sites like Digg. This will generate additional traffic.

Arthor and Source: Mark A. Abrahams



If you want to determine how well your website is doing, website statistics will give the most accurate results. You can learn about the number of targeted traffic your site is getting.  It is important that you view your statistics on a regular basis at least once a month. This articles discusses the various benefits Web statistics tools provide.

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What you Need to know to Work from Home

Many office workers envy the work at home folks with their flexible hours and their lack of a boss. What these office workers do not know is that working from home is not for everyone. In fact it takes a person with specific qualities who can really make a work from home business really successful. We will examine a few of these attributes in this business article.

Work from Home Business things to Remember


Women Owned Business Certification

In the world of business, women are considered to be a minority regardless of their race. Many government contracts and business arrangements require that a minimum percentage of business transactions be handled using minority owned businesses. For this reason, getting a business certified as woman-owned can be advantageous and open up new markets for goods and services.

How to become a Women Owned Business









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