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Search Engine Optimization (SEO Marketing Strategies)

Search engines don’t see images and they won’t index any text that is presented or embedded in an image format. To help fix this problem, there are ALT tags. An ALT tag provides an alternative text when non-textual page elements (images or graphics) cannot be displayed. If someone is using a text-only web browser (handheld device such as a cell phone), or on a slow dialup connection has their images turned off, or if an image is no longer available, an ALT tag would take the images place on the user’s screen. Also, if you hold your mouse over an image with an ALT tag, the tag will be displayed in a little box in the surfer’s browser. Search engines also don't penalize for using ALT tags or even for packing them with keywords, so there’s no reason not to use them.

Link Popularity

Link popularity can do a lot for your site. Not only will many search engines rank you higher, but links from other sites will also drive more traffic to you. A growing number of search engines are beginning to use link popularity in their ranking algorithms. Google uses it as its most important PageRank factor in ranking sites. HotBot, AltaVista, MSN and others also use link popularity in their formulas. Eventually every major engine will probably use link popularity, so developing and maintaining backlinks are essential to your search engine placement.

Search engines use sophisticated formulas to gauge how popular sites are based on more than just a measure of how many links point to your site. In general, however, link popularity is measured by the following three factors:

Relevance – Search engines prioritize incoming links from pages that are relevant to the page in question. If you sell gardening tools, a link from a gardening tool manufacturer boosts your rankings more than one from a antiques discussion forum.

Number of links – The more, the better. Though lots of irrelevant links are less effective than a few relevant ones, they're better than nothing as they may still generate a little traffic to your site.

Link text – The text used to describe a link can also affect your rankings. These three links all point to the same URL but use different text:

Page importance – The more important the page linking to your site is, the more it can do to positively boost your ranking. For example, a link from CNN is much more important than a link from Aunt Edie’s rock collection site.

Most search engines spiders figure that any words other sites use to describe your site are particularly relevant. So, if a lot of sites linking to you use keywords in their link text, search engines will boost your ranking for those keywords.

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Google Analytics for Marketing Research

Google now has a newly integrated service especially for SEO people out there concerned with their web site's performance. Google Analytics is a powerful service that keeps track of your web site's success on organic and paid search results. It gives you no-holds barred and detailed experience of your web site visitors.

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