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If you want to determine how well your website is doing, website statistics will give the most accurate results. You can learn about the number of targeted traffic your site is getting.  It is important that you view your statistics on a regular basis at least once a month. Web statistics tools provide the following useful data:

•    Visit duration - No website owner wants to have their visitors leave as soon as quick as it is loaded on their computer.  If the statistics show you the majority of your visitors leave in less than 30 seconds it is not a good sign.  If this is the case there is obviously the need for further changes and testing.

•    Referring Sites - This will tell you other websites that are linking to you.  You can find out the number of people who bookmark your site as well as the number of hits you are getting.  Also you may be submitting articles to directories like Ezine Articles and it will tell you how it is performing compared to say free advertising for example.

•    Spiders - How often are spiders crawling on your website?  Using the statistics you can find out the number pages they hit.  If this is low obviously you need to optimize the pages more to make them crawler friendly.

•    Browsers - When we make a website, an important aspect is to make sure it runs smoothly on all the browsers.  We have our preferences, I prefer Firefox myself but most people use Internet Explorer.  It is no good if it runs great on Firefox but there are problems loading on other browsers.

Make sure it is in your routine to check your statistics at least once a month or even better weekly.  You need to know if your site is performing and do the best place to get this information is at Google Analytics.

Arthor and Source: Josh O. Connor

Web Statistic Software


Yahoo Web Analytics Free Excellent access control options and simpler approach to multi-site analytics. Larger default monthly page-view limits (200MM vs. 5MM – unless you have an active AdWords campaign. Grants you access to traffic data and the ability to export out your raw and unaggregated data with a longer historical availability of raw data.
Google Web Analytics Free
I have been using Google Analytics since the middle of November. While a few weeks of stats are not enough to discuss the complete capabilities of the software, it is enough to do a basic review and introduce readers to the basic capabilities. And you certainly cannot beat the price of FREE.
Woopra $300 Woopra is a real-time stats service for websites and blogs. Unlike traditional analytics solutions, you can actually see people arriving at your site, and even chat with them in an IM/IRC-like chat window.
VisiStat $270 Easy implementation and the ability to monitor live site traffic on a user level. Extensive online knowledge base. However, lacks the complex functionality of more expensive Web-site analysis services such as the ability to track custom variables, integrate with a content management system, and create custom reports.










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