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Documents Needed to Incorporate a Business

Once you have your name chosen and a state of incorporation decided on you are ready to prepare your incorporation documents. The documents will include:

- Certificate of Incorporation

- Bylaws for your Company

- Resolutions of the Board of Directors

- Stockholder Resolutions

- Stock Ledger

- Stock Certificates

With the introduction of the latest Corporation Act, the incorporation process has become less complex, and as such there are now many companies on the internet who will assist you to incorporate, and with simple incorporations being performed online. It is always advisable to seek professional legal and taxation advice though in advance of incorporation.

Once the certificate of incorporation and associated documents are filed with the secretary of state in your chosen state of incorporation your corporation becomes official. Stock certificates should be issued to shareholders in compliance with securities laws and all corporate actions and meetings minutes should be recorded in your official Corporate Minute Book.
You will also need to elect and record officers and directors of the corporation, the number of directors will depend on your local state law.





You will also need to contact the IRS and obtain your state and federal tax ID numbers, the federal forms you need can be obtained from the IRS website. You should also decide whether or not filing for S-Corporation status with the IRS is appropriate for your business, as a small company the benefits of avoiding double taxation may be worthwhile. After becoming incorporated your will need to open a corporate bank account and ensure you have appropriate accounting systems and records in place to meet statutory requirements.

If your newly formed corporation is a new business you should check with the local authorities to see if there any special licences required for your type of business to trade. If you have to hire staff, you should have formal contracts of employment in place stating the terms and conditions of employment, and where necessary have confidentiality agreements in place.



Work from Home Business for Everyone?

The first work from home business check point is passion. Do you have a true passion for your work from home business idea? A work from home business will require an immense amount of self-motivation. That level of passion will only be there if you truly have a passion for your work from home business.

Is a Work from Home Business right for you?









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